Updapy is closing Shutdown scheduled on November 28th

This is a bittersweet news to announce, Updapy will probably shut down end of November.

This is after the decision of a price increase taken by our hosting platform, Heroku.
We have been looking for an alternative platform to move to, but we did not find any equivalent with the current level of service we are providing today.
And staying with our current provider involve cost that it not sustainable for us to maintain Updapy anymore.

We are happy to share some figures around Updapy over the years:

  • The first inception of the project and line of code added was more than 10 years ago, in March 2012.
  • The platform has been continuously running and maintained for about 8 years.
  • In almost a decade, new features and applications have been added. In recent years, the platform has been stable and did not change much apart from new applications added.
  • The number of users has been around 300, about a third of them use a connection via their social network (mostly via Google).
  • The number of applications that has been supported (included the ones which were removed) is around 400.
  • The most followed applications are (in order) Chrome, 7-Zip, Firefox and VLC Media Player.

During all these years, Updapy has never used any advertising or be involved in any commercial activity.
The user experience has always been the priority focusing on a mobile friendly website.
The donation counter has been stuck to 0 euros, we guess that is what it is and it's hard to be funded or rewarded based on donations only.

As of today, you can understand our decision of not continuing with Updapy, it is not really coming from us, but is due to economic reasons.
Although it's not that expensive to run such platform (we estimated about 150 euros a year), looking at the figures above, there is not a feeling strong enough to pursue this adventure.

However, if you have been a happy user and have been using our service for years, you can still show your appreciation and donate via Paypal or Buy Me a Coffee.
It may not help to keep the service running after November, 28th but who knows!

Wishing you always more updates,

The Updapy team.