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Updapy is an online and personal Update Center, aiming at Windows users. Updapy is a free service.
Windows Update works great for system updates, but there is no equivalent for all your personal applications (iTunes,, Firefox…). Only a minority of applications include auto-updates (Skype for example). And most of the time, you end up by doing a manual check for each application. This task quickly becomes time-consuming and is actually not very user-friendly.

The purpose of Updapy is to manage all your application updates automatically by notifying you as soon they are available.
Updapy is not a centralized updates repository like the ones you can find on Unix-based systems (Ubuntu, Mac, Android…). Updapy will notify you when an update is available but you will have to download (and install) it by yourself if you want it.
To save time: no need to check by yourself if updates are available. To keep your system updated: get the latest fixes and improvements of your favorite apps. And last but not least, because it is free!
You can follow applications in order to be notified when an update is available for download. You can be notified by email, by subscribing to a personal RSS feed or when login to your online dashboard. Also, you can personalize your updates by specifying some settings like your Windows architecture (32-bit, 64-bit) or your language (French, English). Go to your settings to know more.
Yes, install all your updates through Updapy is completely safe! All download links provided are from verified sources, we use the official websites when possible. The site CNET Download is also used when the official website does not provide enough information. And you will be able to follow only trusted and carefully chosen applications.
This is not a bug, as you have never associated a password to your Updapy account.

The reason is simple, you used an existing account to create your Updapy account. If your email is a Gmail address, you have probably used the connection via Google. If the email is the same as the one used on your Facebook account, then it's probably the connection via Facebook that you will have to use to log in…
Maybe the email is in your Spam - Junk folder.

No? When trying to connect, you can ask to receive this email again by clicking on the link "Send me this email again".
The fact that you are following many applications is a good point, but you are probably using the default notification mechanism which is an email sent every time an update is available.

  • We suggest you to subscribe to your notifications RSS feed and deactivate completely all email alerts.
  • You can also activate the weekly emails feature, available from your settings. You will receive a weekly digest once a week.
  • Finally, if you still want to receive an email for each update, you can also deactivate email alerts on an application basis.
You can fill in a "Request to add an application" from your dashboard. You will receive a notification as soon as the application is available.

We cannot guarantee that your application will be added. The Updapy team will make sure to inform you by email why the application cannot be added (incompatible, blacklisted…).
You can copy and paste your unique RSS URL and use it to subscribe with your favorite RSS client.
Alternatively, you can subscribe directly from your browser with an add-on! If you are using Chrome, we recommend RSS Feed Reader. If you are using Firefox, we recommend Livemarks.
The integration of a new application (if feasible) usually doesn't take much time, a couple of days up to a few weeks. Updapy is a free and not-sponsored service, so please be kind and patient.
Updapy is not intrusive and does not run a scan to check all files on your computer. But you don't really need to remember all the versions you have installed as we will notify you as soon as a new version becomes available, which means that you don't have it as it has just been published!
If you need the 32-bit links, change your operating system from your settings. Note that Windows 64-bit is more common and some publishers have stopped providing the 32-bit version!
The fact that you can rate only the applications you are following is intentional. Rate an application you are not using does not make much sense, you will probably give a poor rating. If you stop following an application, your vote will also be deleted. An application that has received a lot of (good) ratings is therefore a very followed application, and is probably also a good one. This rating system is thus much more reliable.
All the applications you have installed through the Windows Store will be automatically updated when new versions are available. Updapy is not relevant anymore to manage theses applications.
All the updates and installation files we provide are neither generated nor hosted by Updapy. Try to download the file again, it may have been corrupted. If the problem persists, you can reach the application support.
To delete your account, go to your settings and click on the link "Delete my account", then follow the instructions. The Updapy team will not keep any information related to your account; you can read our Privacy policy to know more.
The Updapy team will be glad to answer you. You can use our contact form or also social networks to contact us. We are on Twitter and Facebook.